About REIA

Our Advantage

Royal Elite International Academy is filled with enthusiastic and dedicated people. Our outstanding academic programs have produced fantastic results!

  • 100% post-secondary acceptance rate
  • Scholarships to top universities
  • High scores in provincial-wide competitions

While we realize the importance of academic success, we also focus on personal development. Our student-to-adult ratio is low so we have the time to know each of our students personally. Our faculty and staff are mentors that provide the guidance and encouragement they need to grow into well-adjusted, responsible young adults.

Our Mission

Royal Elite International Academy is a leading international high school for students from diverse cultural backgrounds. We strive to foster a learning community that is dedicated to providing an enriching educational experience through multiple learning environments; both within and beyond the classroom setting. Our aim is to facilitate academic excellence and inspire students to achieve success in their educational, personal and career endeavours.

Our Outlook

Royal Elite International Academy wants you to enjoy your Canadian experience! Creating a balanced life is important for our students. After long days of study, our students enjoy their time abroad by participating in

  • Interesting and fun weekend activities
  • Extra curricular teams and clubs
  • Special awards ceremonies for success and progress
  • Excursions to attend conferences and academic contests

We want you to study hard, but also learn about Canadian culture and make friendships that will last a lifetime.



Meet the principal

Welcome to Royal Elite International Academy! I am eager to help you enjoy your experience abroad!

The Niagara Region is one of the most beautiful areas in Canada. I believe you’ll find your “experience of a lifetime”, and that the lessons you learn here can take you to interesting cities and world-class universities.

Throughout my career as an educator, leader, and educational administrator, I have had the opportunity to work in a variety of education settings ranging from middle school to adult education.  As a principal my responsibility it to ensure that your child receives a quality education within a safe, respectful and engaging environment. My office is always open to students and I encourage you to stop in to talk with me whenever you wish. I am a believer in the whole school approach and one of our major focuses is to ensure ongoing communication with parents.

Contact our Admissions office for information on how to get your international study experience underway.  They are expert professionals and will help you through each step of the process.

I look forward to your arrival!

Mrs. Agar, School Principal

Teachers at REIA

We are lucky at REIA to have overwhelmingly dedicated and caring staff!

Royal Elite International Academy Staff

Quality Education

Our teachers are selected based on their academic qualifications and student-teaching experience. All of our teachers possess degrees in their specialized fields, additional degrees in education and they are members of the Ontario College of Teachers.

Teaching Methodologies

REIA teachers use innovative techniques and spur students’ imaginations and intellects through technology, multiple intelligences, differentiated learning, varied instructional strategies, and interdisciplinary units. A student-centered approach to learning is pivotal and our low student to teacher ratios allow teachers to pay extra attention to each student's individual needs.

Personable and Approachable Staff

Our staff also organize extracurricular activities to foster a healthy culture of learning within and beyond the classroom and to generate the most effective interactions with students. REIA teachers understand that if a student thrives socially and emotionally, they are better learners in the classroom.

Meet the staff

Mr Habjan
History Teacher
Mrs M
Art Teacher
Mrs Anna
Art Teacher
Yearbook Editor
Mrs Kristi
English Teacher
Activities Coordinator
Miss Sardella
Math Teacher
Miss Lisa
Office Manager
Guidance Counselor

Mr Matt Goldhawk
Chemistry Teacher
Miss Nancy
ESL Teacher

Career Opportunities

Royal Elite International Academy is a unique and dynamic school, made special by its faculty, staff, and students. If you are interested in becoming a part of our dynamic team, please send your resume and cover letter to our principal at:

Royal Elite International Academy
1875 Niagara Stone Rd.
Niagara-on-the-lake, ON
L0S 1J0
Phone: 289-868-8658
Fax: 289-868-8873
Emergency Contact: 289-241-5676

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