University preparation

University Preparation

At REIA we provide a step by step guidance experience for applying to universities/colleges. When a student arrives at REIA a guidance meeting is arranged where course selections and hobbies are discussed. A unique study plan that best fits the student’s needs and fulfills the requirements for their future career choice. This customized study plan is designed to ensure student success.

This study plan is created to fulfill university prerequisite courses, as well as providing options for students to change and make choices based on their desired career goals. The student is always welcome to stop by the guidance office to discuss their courses, as well as look into university or college brochures, magazines and online links that help them make informed choices about their future.

Once the student has made their choices, computer room tutorials and step by step meetings are had with the graduates so that they are completing their applications correctly as well as meeting the required deadlines. Essays are resumes are proofread and peer edited. Art portfolios are created and critiqued. Students are guided and supported in this process every step in this of the way.

Once offers start arriving, students need to start making choices and guidance is always available to help with the university acceptance process, residence applications, and tuition payment forms. REIA ensures a smooth transition into our students' post-secondary future.

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