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Posted May 29th, 2015

Report Card Ceremony

Today was a good day!  Actually, I was quite excited. This afternoon, we had the conventional monthly meeting about student awards and our principal was going to hand out our report cards. As usual, the broadcast called all the staff and students came to the library and everyone looked pleasant since until now half of this semester had finished.

To my surprise, I earned the prize of "SCHOOL SPIRIT AWARD” which means it gives my hard-work a great affirmation also encourages me to continue my efforts.

After that, Miss Shelby told me that she just got the results for Hypatia Contest that we took last month and I ranked in the top 25% among all the Ontario candidates. It really shocked me and made me inspired since it was sign that indicated I was competitive enough to chase my dream university "University of Waterloo". I hope one day I can fulfill my goal.

written by : Janet Wang (student)

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