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We are thrilled to provide you with short submissions from our full time students. This blog will allow you to read about various events that occur in our students lives.

The topics of these blogs are free form and  incorporate a wide variety of view points and life experiences.

We encourage you to learn how our students thrive on their journey of becoming a student in a new country, making new friends from around the world, experiencing the Canadian culture, and how the ups and downs of being a teenager!

Posted Jun 3rd, 2015

Good-bye my Good Friends!

Before I came to Canada, I was a wandering child. I learnt everything here and accepted Canadian life. REIA is like a practical teacher who taught me everything and gave me the opportunity to go to the University of Toronto to keep studying with higher education.

I have become an independent adult after I graduated. I am so glad to be a family member of REIA. Thanks to every teacher and schoolmate for taking care of me and encouraging to me. I gained enriched knowledge and achievement at REIA and I worked hard and struggled to reach my dream.  Now,  I can go to one of the best universities in the world. I hope that my other family members also chase their future dreams.  

Come on, I am waiting for you at U of T!

written by : Jessica

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