Business Department

At REIA, our Business Department strives to expose students to the world of business. Business is an integral part of everyday life, our business curriculum works to help our students become more aware of how business effects their everyday life and to make them better global citizens.

Not only do the business classes touch on how business affects us in our everyday life in Canada, it also touches on how others are affected around the world, increasing the global awareness of the student. For those students who are interested in future post-secondary studies in business, our Business curriculum at Royal Elite International Academy will provide the strong foundational framework students will need encompassing the skills, competence and motivation to be successful in future academic work, as well as, in their future careers. Students will be introduced to areas such as international business, accounting, management, marketing and information and communication technology. Providing this exposure as part of their strong

foundational framework allows students to move into post-secondary business classes with confidence and skills.


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