ESL Department

Ontario secondary schools are now home to students who speak more than 100 different languages, including several Aboriginal languages, many African, Asian, and European languages. Ontario’s increasing language and cultural diversity provides students with many opportunities for cultural enrichment and for learning that is global in scope.

The ESL Department at Royal Elite International Academy understands the importance of English as a Second Language, and the teachers are committed to providing the foundational knowledge English language learners will need to be successful while at Royal Elite International Academy and in their future goals. The curriculum in English as a Second Language has been developed to ensure that English language learners have the highest opportunity to become proficient in English and achieve the high levels of literacy that are expected of all Ontario students.

The ESL department and its teachers believe that the course work in English as a Second Language and English Literacy Development is based on the belief that expansive proficiency in English is essential to students’ success in both their social and academic lives, and to their ability to take their place in society as responsible and productive citizens. Its aim is to help students become successful English language learners.

We believe in giving the students the foundations they need to be successful and develop the skills they need to be proficient in everyday English and, most importantly, the proficiency in academic English that will allow them to participate successfully into Royal Elite International Academy’s program and everyday life. Not only do we encourage our students to develop their English abilities but we also encourage them to value and maintain their own language and cultural identities so that they can enter the larger society as bilingual and bicultural citizens. This benefits our students to choose the language and cultural norms that are appropriate in any given situation or cultural context, and can fully participate in and contribute to our multilingual, multicultural Canadian society.


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