Social Sciences & Humanities Department

The Social Science and Humanities/Canadian World Studies Department at REIA is dedicated to student exploration of different academic curriculum. This department focuses on several major subject areas, such as, general social science (including Geography and History), family studies, philosophy, and world religions. Each of these subject areas focus on how students see themselves, their families, their communities, and society as they seek to find meaning in the world around them. Royal Elite International Academy and its teachers understand the importance of diversity and feel it is essential to being a global citizen. Not only does the Social Science and Humanities department discuss students in terms of their perspective and their culture but also gives students a sense of ‘family’ in terms of being Canadian. Through practical experiences, discussions, debates, research, study and reflection, social science and humanities courses help students become self-motivated problem-solvers, equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully face their changing world.


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