Student Residence


For any young person thinking of studying abroad their thoughts are filled with a sense of excitement and hesitation. They know many things will change but they anticipate the change with thoughts of happiness and adventure. Their parents are excited and reserved they want to know that they will be somewhere happy and safe. Royal Elite International Academy knows these concerns and expectations, and the residential life experience with us is fulfilling.

The staff is dedicated, hard working and sensitive to the concerns and excitements that international students and families have. Our student life counselors are prepared to help students adjust to their new lives in Canada, they understand that the transition will take time and are there to help the students. Whether its asking about the food, talking about making new friends, understanding the environment around them and understanding this new way of life students have access to a committed support team to help with all of their concerns. Royal Elite International Academy is committed to making sure the transition happens safely, and successfully.

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